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Post # 619 : OMG honey, our 3 month old is teething!

I have a baby. He does not cry. He feeds every 20 minutes; apart from feed that he wants after every diaper change, bath, massage. But I have a baby who does not cry.


Me : In the kitchen staring at … don’t remember what. With rhino-thorn hair, drenched in my own milk, one boob hanging out from the maternity bra.

Hubby : In the living room with baby darling.

Hubby : “Awesome”.

Me : Shaken out from my daze.

Hubby : “OMG honey, our 3 month old is teething!”.

Me : Dashes out, faster than milk comes from boobs, to the living room.

Hubby and Baby : Both grinning Рone with a teeth-y smile , the other with the silhouette of a tooth.

Me : Faints.

Me : Wakes up after 20 minutes.

Baby feeds every 20 minutes.