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Post # 621 : The shape of my baby’s head.

If you are a mom , you would know that this topic is mostly sensitive … and always downright offensive.

At 6 weeks postpartum, what i had to hear and bear was, ” WTF have you done to your kid’s head?”.’

The ventouse delivery had given my baby’s head a cone shape. With people talking about his head, all my aspirations of ‘making your kid comfortable in his own skin‘ went down the god forsaken drain. I could well see the kick , my kid’s head, was giving to people. So i fucked my aspirations – myself.

Plagiocephaly /craniofacial surgery was not an option – because we did not have the god damn money … and thankfully because his case wasn’t as severe.I started trying the old tricks – placing him, as much as my stubborn little guy would allow it, on his back – while playing, sleeping, munching on moma’s breast etc. etc.I also used my palm, under his head, when he was sleeping – to help straighten the cone shape – i have almost lost the blood supply to my hands.

Now that he is 3 and a half months old – you cannot tell him from a normal kid – or his head.

And after this, something more that i get to hear is … “Oh , but his nose is a funny shape”. “Try pinching it”. I tell them that’s his brain overflowing in his nose – my kid’s a genius! My kid’s awesome!

You can’t keep up with all the crap┬áthat people offer you know.