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Post # 620 : Dummies turn babies into freaks.

There is nothing uglier sadder than seeing a baby with a dummy in his mouth. If anything, starting your baby on dummies will help you heaps with bringing up a clingy child from hell.

Dummies make kids loo-natics. They also , not only make them highly dependent freaks but also, latter, these children end up with having eating problems. And these little freaks fussy , children refuse to talk. Try talkin’ with a tuna sandwich in your mouth. Or whatever your adult fantasy pacifier is. No, I am not interested in knowing your fantasies.

Starting your baby on dummies means you are suppressing an underlying need. Remember, babies are humans?

Imagine your boss starting you on dummies – so that you stop whining. What would happen? You would stop telling. Talking. Eating.  Your dummy would become your best friend. You would become a loo-natic. A freak.

So what do you do? You read my article on ‘crying. You check what’s wrong with your baby. Hungry? Sleepy? Uncomfortable?

There have  been nights … and days when i have been tempted to start my baby on dummies – he hasn’t caught the air of them – everytime i hear him cry i check my checklist, but sometimes he uses me as a human dummy. Ouch. But manageable. Yes. Hoorah!