Post # 619 : OMG honey, our 3 month old is teething!

I have a baby. He does not cry. He feeds every 20 minutes; apart from feed that he wants after every diaper change, bath, massage. But I have a baby who does not cry.


Me : In the kitchen staring at … don’t remember what. With rhino-thorn hair, drenched in my own milk, one boob hanging out from the maternity bra.

Hubby : In the living room with baby darling.

Hubby : “Awesome”.

Me : Shaken out from my daze.

Hubby : “OMG honey, our 3 month old is teething!”.

Me : Dashes out, faster than milk comes from boobs, to the living room.

Hubby and Baby : Both grinning – one with a teeth-y smile , the other with the silhouette of a tooth.

Me : Faints.

Me : Wakes up after 20 minutes.

Baby feeds every 20 minutes.


3 responses to “Post # 619 : OMG honey, our 3 month old is teething!

  1. To my dear friend, Nazish, i see that mumhood has not altered your altered state, and that the “Nazishisms” flow as freely as the milk from your mumified breasts. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts, nay, thrilled in fact, that your considerable talent is finding it’s outlets, both in writing and mumhood. Oh, melonhead, all the best to you and the little melon!

  2. Ouch! Hi Nazmataz! How nice to see my old friend writing with her (your) inimitable style. Yes, I can imagine that the appearance of baby (alligator) teeth can be frightening to the one who is nursing the infant. Glad it’s not me, but I bet you are a doting mother. As usual, Naz, your writing style is one-of-a-kind. Peace, sister!

    – Harry

  3. Thanks a lot Harry. I puke while saying this , you know i am not the senti-mental kind, but I am truly touched that you took out the time to come and visit. And coming from you I say you have made my day! Thanks a lot. Keep visiting, I would be more than glad to hear from you :).

    P.S. I am striking you off from the spam list i was gonna spam. 😉 Much friendly and motherly love to you.

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