Post # 623 : Baby vaccination – oh hell.

There comes a time in a baby’s life when he starts seeing the evil side of life – that’s the vaccination time.

Last to last time, when my baby was vaccinated, it shook his baby foundations. The side effects were so bad that we called up the doc’s a dozen times. The damn Rotarix (Diarrhea) vaccination had turned my little guy into a baby zombie  an unresponsive baby.

And just yesterday, when they injected him with a combo of 4 vaccines, he has been into a demonic frenzy. Extremely fussy. Refuses to sleep. Striking his ‘vaccinated butt/thigh’ on the bed without a stop. And eating his fists. My heart goes out to my poor little guy.

Your baby can feel pain and fever. Calpol infant/Baby Panadol is a friend not a foe. Embrace it. Get yourself a good night’s sleep before you get your baby vaccinated. Be ready for a fussy baby who squirms and gets restless while sleeping.  Cuddle him. Till he gets tired of you. Yes.

He would want to chew on something after getting vaccinated. Or because he might be teething. It would be either your breast or his favorite pacifier. You decide.

I say, whether it’s a baby zombie or a demonic baby you have, it’s going to be a tough job managing either. So what you do is , keep in tact your sanity, do not worry … and yust laugh.

How to manage a sick baby – read the post … it’s good. Also applies to a vaccinated baby.


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