Post # 625 : Weaning – from bottle to breast – then back!

If you think you are being a good mom by exclusive breast feeding you are dead wrong – good mom means going out on a limb for your baby and shit. But exclusive breast feeding will render you limb-less. You would know what i mean.

For me, the day when my son was born , is filled with many sweet memories – and that he refused to suck on my boob. After that – he refused to suck on anything else.

My barely-there-hoo-haa made it impossible for me to give him the bottle. So i did early woman. That gradually weaned him from the bottle.

With time my hoo-haa got shinier. I started going out.Most moms would know that you cannot latch out your boob in the open – not because you feel embarrassed but because there are creeps out there – and sometimes because you are too sick – Many reasons. So when i started re-giving him the bottle, he bit the nipple, hissed at me … chuckled. Chuck. Crap.

After researching wonderful wide web, I gathered to make him take the bottle:

in the dark ; with nipple warm and drenched in my milk ; rocking; singing his favorite lullaby. That did the trick. For 2 days.

Until after ….

One day , i saw my mom, wiggling the bottle infront of him . “Hey honey, this is your bottle … you are gonna drink from it”. I lurched at the scene . But by then the damage had been done. He had taken in , the minutest details of the bottle, had tasted it , held the visual image and sensation of touch in his memory – he had recognized the bottle.

He now recognizes ‘it’ in the dark as well.

I give it to him in his sleep now. Hoping that it’d get him used to it. That he would somehow start liking it. Boobs crossed.


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