Post # 626: All kids are awesome.Bitch.

My baby wins. Your baby sucks. Yayyyyyy.

This is what every mother thinks about her every Tom, Dick and Harry. All and sundry.

Every child is gifted is cliched. But still quite true and quite quotable. i like to brag about mine. This does not mean that I am ridiculing yours. Let’s analyze a few responses when I tell them how smart my kid is.

The kid said ‘Boo’ when he was 3 weeks old when he wanted to be fed. He says it whenever his feeding object slips out from his mouth. The kid’s a friggin genius. Phew. Enough of the rant i guess. Let’s get to the facts.

So where were we? Yeah:

The Friend : Are you sure? Kids make random noises.

The Relative: Same shit here woman. Same ol’ same ol’.

The Other Relative : But his head is a funny shape.

The In-law : Let’s not even go there.


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