Post # 629 : Managing a sick baby.

At last the inevitable has happened – my flu virus has been transferred to my little  cub. So as a rule I am violating all my rules – this includes the sleeping rule, the rocking rule, the lap rule and on and forth. I will do posts on these rules later. No regrets. Oh fuck

A sick baby is a baby from hell – she would lash out at you with fire-y and fier-y nostrils at the merest of mistakes. So what i do is violate all my rules for my little cub. I let him sleep whenever he wants to, rock him till kingdom come, hold him in my lap … i am a government whose autocracy is quite vulnerable to ‘baby sickness’. Been there done that. Yes.

This means getting him acquainted to his sleep schedule all over again later… and you can get the rest. But this makes him a happy baby. After all how many times would a baby get sick? That is if you are a good mum. i tell ya.

But there is certainly one thing that i would be doing religiously – getting the heck outa the house and grabbing an anti-bacterial handwash. It’s as important as offering your daily prayers – better it’s going to the church every two hours, everyday.

P.S. I used baby vicks vaporub on his feet and a very thin layer on his neck. You gotta comb out the congestion. Baby loves vicks. 

Check out this link


2 responses to “Post # 629 : Managing a sick baby.

  1. Thanks for providing the link to our HaltonParents blog! Hope your little one is feeling better.
    Andrea Scott, RN
    Twitter: @HaltonParents

  2. The link was quite helpful Andrea. Thanks for putting up the useful info. My baby is good now – thanks for asking :).

    Keep up the good work!

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