Post # 630: Listen closely – your baby is talking to you.

Since I am starting from a point when my baby is 3 months old. i have to cover base. So let me update you a bit on the topic.

If you have a baby who is normal like most babies, she would want her food roughly every two hours. But if you have a baby like mine, he would eye you like his food at the drop of his hat or something like that. It is what they call feeding from hell ‘demand feeding‘.  Or Oh hell.

This meant my son wanted to feed every 20 minutes. Yes that’s true. It’s also true that i put up with it. So now I have a happy child. And by that i mean that ‘he does not know how to cry’ – every mum’s dream right?

Elder female members would tell me to feed him , when he ‘cries’. wtf. Sadly i followed the advice initially but then realized that something was going terribly wrong. That happened when he was a mere 2 week old. So i fed him whenever he got a little fussy. And that meant dragging my ‘split-and-stictchedhoo-haa to the chair whilst sweating like a pig. Result : he quit crying.

By week 6 he was talking! His word for demanding feed was ‘Boo’. Like an adult whenever he got hungry he looked at me in the eyes and solemnly says ‘Boo’. Though that’s the only word he can say now as well, it is obvious important to note that it communicates his only need of food.

Result? He is as happy as a baby shark baby can be.


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