Hello You!

Dear You,

Let me reveal a profound truth; hold your horses as this might shake your foundations :

   Babies are Humans

I stumbled upon the discovery, with the birth and consequent baby-incidences of my baby son – now 3 months old. In 630 days he would stumble upon his 2nd anniversary and become a man. i am a bit demanding, if you know what i mean.

So 630 it is, of very original posts that i would be sharing with you, one each day, resting on this basic  idea – babies are humans. Try disagreeing with me!  So instead of laying out a manual with chapters outlining how to handle the object called babies, i would share my everyday, sometimes smelly sometimes scenty, challenges and my way of handling the challenges with you to help you better manage the humans we call ‘our dear babies‘.

Now no more just promises and zero baby poo. Let’s get straight to business!

Sincerely, An N Mum.


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